Low-cost financial advice

Overpaying for financial advice and products can compromise your retirement.

Our low-cost approach typically saves our clients thousands of pounds a year versus any comparable service.

What you pay

There are usually three types of fees you'll pay. The example annual costs are indicative, but most of our clients pay 0.50% - 1.20% a year in total.

Our advice

Low, inclusive, advice fees

Our fees are exceptionally fair and include services some charge extra for.

Annual cost 0.24% - 0.60% (Min £1,500)

Investment funds

High quality portfolios

Our recommended portfolios are either solely index-tracking, or a mix of index-tracking and actively managed funds.

Annual cost 0.15% - 0.60%

Investment platforms

Cost-effective platforms

Where a platform makes sense, we'll recommend the most cost-effective option for you.

Annual cost 0.10% - 0.20%

Our advice fees

Our fees are exceptionally fair and fully inclusive of all our services. The only extras will be third-party investment fund and platform charges, if applicable, as detailed above.

Amount Invested Annual Fee Initial Fee
up to £499,999 0.60%
Min £1,500
Min £1,500
Max £3,500
£500,000 0.42%
£750,000 0.36%
£1m 0.32%
£1.5m 0.28%
£2m+ 0.24%

VAT does not normally apply.


Our fee calculator

Find out what we'll charge in seconds, just enter the sum invested.


  • Initial and annual fees as per our rate card, negotiable for portfolios above £2m to ensure fair
  • Fund and platform charges will be in addition
  • Annual fee based on investment value, so will vary in future

Your potential savings

We believe our low-cost financial advice is the most competitive in the industry, costing significantly less than typical advisers whilst providing premium advice and service. The estimates below show what you might expect to pay for advice on a £600,000 ISA/pension. You may also save money on investment funds and platforms.

Initial advice fee

Typical £
Candid: £

Annual advice fee

Typical £
Candid: £

Typical fees are estimates based on averages detailed in a December 2020 FCA Report (2.4% for initial advice followed by 0.8% a year) and will vary in practice depending on fees charged by specific advisers. Annual fees will vary over time depending on investment value.

No hidden extras

Unlike some advisers, our advice fee has no hidden 'extras'.

Implementing advice


Some advisers quote artificially low initial fees, only to tack on additional 'implementation' fees should you proceed with their advice.

Our initial fee includes all the work to produce and implement our advice.

Topping up investments


Many advisers charge initial fees when topping up investments, e.g. ISAs, that they've already charged you to put in place.

This is a routine part of our ongoing service, hence covered by our annual fee.

Switching funds/platforms


From time to time it can be prudent to switch funds and/or platforms to optimise your arrangements. We often see advisers charge initial fees for this work.

Again, this is part of our ongoing service, hence covered by our annual fee.

Avoid the 2% club

A simple rule of thumb is to avoid paying more than 2% a year for advice, investments and platform(s) combined.

Even then you might be paying too much, especially if the adviser tries to mask their high fee by using low cost index-tracking investments.

Never feel afraid to shop around.

Most of our clients pay between 0.80% - 1.20% a year in total