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Don't pay too much for advice, investments and platforms!

Our guide explains the pitfalls to watch out for and is packed with useful tips.

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Keeping a lid on cost

Cost can have a significant impact on the value of your investments over time.

Take a look for yourself with our cost comparison calculator.

The Candid Difference
  • Very competitive, fully transparent, fees and overall cost
  • No commission or other hidden charges
  • We hunt down the best value products and investments
  • Impartial - our only vested interest is to make you money

Our low cost financial advice - what you pay

Fees really matter and can make a telling difference to your net worth. We are brutal about keeping overall fees to a minimum and use low cost options wherever it makes sense to do so.

Our fee is straightforward, very competitive and fully inclusive. And our low initial fee ensures our financial motivation is to retain happy clients.

Before agreeing to become a client, or spend a penny in fees, we will invest time getting to know you and letting you get to know us. We only take on a new client when it is clear we can add real value.

Our fee

Our fee includes full service financial planning and investment advice.

Amount InvestedInitial FeeAnnual Fee
up to £150,0001.00% (min £1,000)0.60%
plus 0.20% of
amount over £150,000

overall fee
capped at £3,000
£1 million0.25%
£1.5 million0.20%
£1.75 million+By agreement
VAT does not normally apply. You can calculate our initial fee below.
Enter portfolio amount £

Fund & platform fees (3rd parties)

These are normally the only other fees you pay. Amounts will vary depending on our advice, as we're not tied to any platforms or funds, but as a guide:

FundsNo initial charge with a 0.45%-0.60% annual charge (mix of active and tracker funds).
PlatformTypical 0.10%-0.15% annual fee. We'll recommend the best value option.
OverallTotal annual costs (our fee, funds and platform) are typically 0.90%-1.20%.

To help illustrate what you might pay in various scenarios take a look at our examples.

Our fee includes

Initial FeeAnnual Fee
  • Both financial planning and investment advice
  • Detailed fact finding and objective setting
  • Liaising with product providers and professional advisers where appropriate
  • Comprehensive written report
  • All necessary conversations, correspondence, research and administration
  • Implementation
  • Comprehensive annual review
  • Pro-actively monitoring your investments and products
  • Ad-hoc and ongoing advice as required (new monies invested may be subject to an initial fee depending on how much work is involved)
  • Regular relevant commentary
  • Required administrative tasks

Do we receive payments from elsewhere?

No. Our only source of income are the fees that you pay us - we only work for you. Take a look at our impartiality document for more details.