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The Candid Difference
  • Our only incentive is to recommend the investments that are best for you
  • We keep a very tight lid on costs - both investment and our fee
  • We monitor investments to ensure they stay on track and continue to suit your needs
  • We only recommend investments we would be comfortable holding ourselves
We Will
  • Take the time to fully understand your needs
  • Give you truly impartial, independent advice
  • Tell you if we don't think we can add value
  • Use the most cost effective investments and products for your needs
  • Provide a high level of ongoing care and service
  • Clearly disclose all costs and fees
We Won't
  • Try to sell you anything
  • Recommend needless product and investment switches or transfers
  • Try to confuse you with jargon and complex figures
  • Recommend anything that isn't in your best interests

What we do

We like to think that our job is about taking away as much of the pain as possible, giving you peace of mind that your financial affairs are being handled professionally and cost effectively.

We’ll keep in regular contact but there'll always be plenty of work going on behind the scenes to ensure your money is being well looked after.

One thing that separates us from the majority of financial advisers is the amount of exploratory work we are prepared to do at our own risk. We do not automatically assume it is right for everyone to become a client and we are quite happy investing time at the outset to establish whether we can help and add value.

Becoming a client

It is straightforward with no hidden surprises, as follows:

blob A brief initial chat to introduce ourselves, find out what you are looking to achieve and answer any early questions you may have
blob More detailed information gathering, with longer conversations about goals and objectives, including risk and reward
blob We provide clear guidance on our likely recommendations and, where relevant, show you what we think your portfolio should look like. This will include the likely mix of assets and funds, as well as a breakdown of costs
blob By this point it is usually clear whether we are going to be a good fit for each other. Subject to a verbal handshake we will then produce a comprehensive written report detailing our recommendations. This includes full cost details, with all fees broken down and clearly displayed in both pounds and pence and percentages
blob Once we have discussed the report and you are happy to proceed, you sign and return all the necessary paperwork to us. We check everything and keep a close eye on the application process, chasing up providers and placing investment deals as necessary
blob We monitor your investments and products, as well as available allowances and relevant legislation/tax rules, letting you know if and when any changes might be beneficial. We will action these with your permission
blob A detailed annual review where we revisit your circumstances, goals and objectives, as well as providing a detailed valuation that clearly benchmarks your portfolio - so you can make an informed judgement on how we are doing. Of course we are happy to answer questions and discuss changes to your situation at any stage.

As you go through the process you will learn that while we are very professional, we are also very friendly and approachable - always on hand should you need us.

Overall we think it makes a refreshing change from how most other advisers work.