What we do

We specialise in looking after people who are retired, or organising their finances in readiness for retirement.

Our role is to help you make great decisions and then take away as much of the pain as possible, giving you peace of mind that your financial affairs are being handled professionally and cost effectively.

Who we advise

We help individuals across the UK who have pensions, ISAs and other investments between £100,000 and £5 million. Our clients come from many walks of life but share one common goal; to receive first-class advice and service whilst keeping costs low.

How we work

We work with clients remotely via phone and/or video chat, forging really strong working relationships. The overwhelming feedback is a significant advice and service upgrade, along with greater trust and confidence. The bonus is cost savings often running into thousands of pounds a year.

What we advise on

We focus on portfolios of investment funds held within tax wrappers like ISAs and pensions, plus using capital gains tax allowances where appropriate. In retirement this often means drawing a tax efficient income, including pension drawdown. We do not advise on final salary pensions, very high risk investments or tax avoidance schemes. Here's an overview:

Tax wrappers


Pensions (excluding final salary)

Investment accounts (capital gains tax)

Investment Bonds (including offshore)

Final salary / defined benefit pensions

Venture capital trusts / enterprise investment schemes

Tax avoidance schemes


Funds (unit trusts & OEICs)

Investment trusts

Exchange traded funds (ETFs)

Individual shares & gilts/bonds

Unregulated investments (except investment trusts)

Becoming a client

Is straightforward, usually over the course of several conversations, with no hidden surprises as follows:

Brief initial chat

To introduce ourselves, find out what you are looking to achieve and answer any early questions you may have.

Getting to know you

Almost like a financial life coach, we take time to understand what makes you tick; including your goals, hopes, fears and aspirations.

Your situation

We then focus on capturing the hard facts, ensuring we also thoroughly understand your financial situation.

Formulate advice

Arrive at our recommendations via collaborative discussion, including what we think your portfolio should look like and a detailed cost breakdown.


We never push anyone to become a client. And we never take on a client unless we're 100% confident in our ability to look after them. The decision should always feel easy and natural.

Provide & implement advice

We'll confirm our advice via a clear, comprehensive written report. And then do the heavy lifting to implement our recommendations.

Ongoing monitoring

We'll monitor your portfolio, and keep in touch regularly throughout the year.

Annual reviews

We'll revisit your situation, use available tax allowances, review your portfolio and update the plan as appropriate.

The Candid difference

As you go through the process you will learn that while we are very professional, we are also very friendly and approachable - always on hand should you need us. Overall we think it makes a refreshing change.

We will

Take the time to fully understand your needs

Give you truly impartial, independent advice

Tell you if we don't think we can add value

Use the most cost effective investments and products for your needs

Provide a high level of ongoing care and service

Be really open about all costs and fees

We won't

Try to sell you anything or pressure you to become a client

Recommend needless product and investment switches or transfers

Jump on bandwagons or chase past performance

Confuse you with jargon and complex figures

Recommend anything that isn't in your best interests