St James's Place is a little different to many advisers as it sells its own products and pays its advisers out of fund charges, much like the old commission system.

The fund charges are published on the SJP website, but how much SJP advisers receive from these is not. Unit trusts (which includes ISAs) have very high initial charges of up to 5%, with annual charges typically 1.60%-1.80%. Pensions have similar annual charges but no initial, albeit there is an unwelcome 6 year exit charge.

As a guide, on a £500,000 portfolio we would typically save clients around £3,000 a year in annual fees. And for a new £500,000 investment we would expect our initial fee to be around £23,000 cheaper than St James's Place (assuming they charge 5%).

We are happy to review existing arrangements from £100,000 to £5m and only take on clients when it's clear we can add value.

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