One of the biggest hurdles when trying to compare adviser fees is that most advisers are reticent to openly disclose what they charge - very few publish their fee schedule on the web.

In our experience many advisers are settling on 3% initial and 1% annual fees, which seems to be borne out by various bits of industry research that pop up from time to time.

If you already use an adviser ask them to break down what you are paying: to them, fund managers and investment platforms. If total annual costs exceed 2% you should be very concerned and on portfolios above £100,000 aim to pay significantly less than this.

Assuming an adviser charges 3% initial and 1% annual fees, on a £500,000 portfolio we would typically save clients around £3,000 a year in annual fees. And for a new £500,000 investment we would expect our initial fee to be around £13,000 cheaper.

We are happy to review existing arrangements from £100,000 to £5m and only take on clients when it's clear we can add value.

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