Origen is one of very few financial advisers to openly publish its fees, but they are high.

Initial fees are high, at 2.75% on the first £250,000 progressively falling to 0.75% above £1.5m - all with an additional 0.25% 'implementation' charge. And the annual charge is 0.95% which bottoms out at 0.30% on amounts above £1.5m (crucially the lower fees don't apply to the whole portfolio, just amounts within that band).

As a guide, on a £500,000 portfolio we would typically save clients around £2,000 a year in annual fees. And for a new £500,000 investment we would expect our initial fee to be around £11,500 cheaper than Origen.

We are happy to review existing arrangements from £100,000 to £5m and only take on clients when it's clear we can add value.

Just call us on 0203 397 7280 or drop us an email.