Chase de Vere does not openly publish its advice fees, but has disclosed via the Press that it charges a 3% initial fee followed by 1% a year (fund and platform charges in addition, the 3% falls on amounts over £250,000). Or, for those clients who pay by the hour, £250 and £80 for advisers and administrators respectively.

As a guide, on a £250,000 portfolio we would typically save clients around £1,000 a year in annual fees. And for a new £250,000 investment we would expect our initial fee to be around £5,500 less than Chase de Vere. From experience, we also find that our recommended platforms and portfolios also cost somewhat less.

We are happy to review existing arrangements from £100,000 to £5m and only take on clients when it's clear we can add value.

Just call us on 0203 397 7280 or drop us an email.